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  • Lucy Shearman

'An addict needs shame like a man dying of thirst needs salt water.' Terrance Real

I am currently doing some interesting CPD training around shame and was reminded of the above titled quote. . I have worked with those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction for going on 10 years. I have also recently been working a lot with friends and families of those with substance abuse issues. It is an area I have always been drawn to working in. I personally find it imperative to offer a non-judgemental, yet constructive space for exploring theses issues.



I also like to emphasise the importance of seeking support if you have a loved one who is struggling in this way. Often with addiction codependent relationships develop as well as enabling behaviour which can be consuming, painful and frightening. . . I am currently accepting new clients so please do get in touch if you feel you need some support. . .

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